Your clinical trial is one of a kind. Each therapeutic area faces specific challenges, from patient populations impaired by their condition, to strict protocol requirements that call for novel eCOA solutions. If these needs aren’t properly met, your study compliance, data quality and results can suffer. That’s why experience and expertise are crucial when choosing an eCOA partner.

CRF Health leads the industry in eCOA solutions tailored to specific therapeutic areas, with more than 650 successful trials covering over 20 areas. Our dedicated Therapeutic Areas team works to develop custom eCOA solutions designed for the needs of different patient populations, site teams and sponsors.

Our team eases the burden placed on subjects and site teams by cultivating a deep understanding of patient populations, along with the specific requirements of popular clinical outcomes assessments within that therapeutic area.

We continually build our success, incorporating best practices gleaned from past studies and integrating patient and client feedback at every iteration—in doing so, we help you secure reliable data and meaningful results.

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