Your project management team ensures your study runs smoothly and continuously across its entire duration. The team facilitates the design process, making sure your eCOA solution accurately reflects the objectives of your study. By working with your team to develop an intuitive diary design, edit checks for clean data entry and detailed sponsor and site level reports, your project management team positions you for a successful study. Your project team will also develop training materials and oversee translation of device texts and printed materials.

As your study nears completion, your project management team actively supports database lock and ensures all data has been sent to the database for archiving.

Scientific Support

Rely on CRF Health for in-depth scientific support. With broad experience and expertise in eCOA, our in-house team coordinates the most appropriate solutions suited to your particular project.

By building a strong network with an array of specialists and external organizations, we’re able to provide timely, efficient, and invaluable scientific services. Our relationships include scientific partners providing translation, cognitive interviewing, usability testing and equivalence and questionnaire development.CRF Health can collaborate seamlessly with new partners to fit your needs.

  • User Experience (UX) Design

    The quality of the user’s experience is reflected in the quality of data gathered. That is why our UX Design team continuously probes and tests to develop an understanding of real users - real patients, real study professionals, real clinicians – as a way to identify subtle design improvements that raise compliance, data quality and user satisfaction.

  • Licensing

    Securing licenses to implement COAs electronically can vary between authors and institutions. CRF Health leverages our expertise and scientific partners to communicate, negotiate and construct agreements with license holders on your behalf.

  • Equivalence & Usability

    Whether an instrument is going from paper to digital, phone to tablet, or even a 5-inch screen to 5.5 inches, equivalence testing provides evidence to regulators on the comparability of data captured across different modes or devices. Usability testing also ensures specific populations can use the instrument and eCOA solution correctly. CRF Health partners with the most trusted vendors for equivalence and usability testing to help your study succeed.

  • COA Migration

    CRF Health works with the industry’s best specialists to provide linguistic and psychometric validation services, ensuring your chosen instrument is fit for its purpose. Our user experience (UX) team provides vital insights into the patient perspective to help design intuitive versions of electronic questionnaires. At CRF Health, we pride ourselves on building patient-centric eCOA solutions.

  • Author Relations

    The value of having an instrument’s author on your side cannot be overstated—he or she can provide key insights into proper migration from paper to electronic, aiding in an efficient design process and study completion. CRF Health helps you connect and communicate with authors to enrich your study’s execution.

  • Regulatory Guidance

    Regulators offer specific recommendations to ensure that evidence in support of new treatments is robust and high-quality. CRF Health’s professionals are here to advise your team on how to precisely follow the latest guidelines and best practices in eCOA, clearing the path for approval.

Collaborative Design

Intuitive electronic questionnaire design is essential to a successful clinical trial. From the look and feel of the interface to the intelligent workflows that guide users along, only CRF Health offers a collaborative design process powered by TrialStudio®.

Working alongside our design specialists enables study teams to see and interact with their instruments as they are being developed, make changes with ease and gain peace of mind through transparency into the entire process.

Client Relations

Clinical trials require constant coordination. If your company is running multiple studies with CRF Health, establishing a dedicated partnership saves you valuable time and effort and ensures your needs are met.

Your designated Client Relations Director is an eCOA expert that acts as your company’s advocate at CRF Health, ensuring your feedback and needs are heard and acted upon.

The Client Relations Director has broad oversight into the complex relationship between multiple stakeholders in both organizations, ensuring consistency across the clinical programs that we jointly work on. Their ultimate objective? A solid partnership with you, built on a foundation of trust.


For clinical studies taking place across multiple countries, translation and cultural adaptation is critical to maintain the precise meaning of your instruments, ensuring your instruments are culturally and conceptually equivalent while meeting the requirements of regulatory authorities.

CRF Health’s eCOA services support clinical trials worldwide. We work with our network of scientific partners and localization specialists to ensure each instrument is linguistically validated and equivalent across languages. Localized training materials are also used to aid patient and clinician understanding. This approach provides consistency across the board, ensuring the success of your team’s study.

Training & eLearning

High compliance and strong retention are underpinned not only by a strong eCOA solution, but by the way in which we train end users.

CRF Health provides comprehensive support materials to study teams, site staff and patients to maximize their TrialMax experience. Expert instruction includes investigator meeting training, localized site user manuals, and optional interactive eLearning modules.

Interactive Site Training with TrialMax eLearning

Leverage CRF Health’s TrialMax eLearning service to gain greater insights and increase study efficiency. The service delivers interactive, self-paced training and certification on TrialMax® devices and the TrialManager® web portal for all site staff and CRAs.

Global Helpdesk

As your patients and site teams use our eCOA solutions, questions may arise. Resolving these inquires quickly and accurately is key for a successful clinical study.

That’s why CRF Health offers 24/7 helpdesk support in over 150 languages to facilitate studies around the globe. Helpdesk representatives are fully trained on each of our solutions and backed by managers with over 20 years of experience.

Our helpdesk resolves over 90% of support calls on the first response. We’re constantly analyzing our performance to monitor customer satisfaction, first call resolution and time to answer.


A successful study depends upon getting your devices where they need to be quickly, efficiently and safely. Highly experienced in global eCOA logistics, our staff ensure your devices arrive on time and without headaches or hassles, even in countries with difficult import processes.

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