Great design is essential to a successful clinical trial: intuitive, user-friendly eCOA solutions drive high compliance rates and clean, accurate data. That’s why CRF Health’s design process, powered by TrialStudio, is collaborative, interactive and agile.

Instead of waiting weeks, your team receives a working prototype as early as our first meeting. We create your eCOA questionnaires quickly, make changes with ease and provide peace of mind through transparency into the entire process.

  • Expedite eCOA Development

    CRF Health develops your eCOA solution faster. TrialStudio saves time with a robust built-in library of standard design elements, effortless localization workflows that automatically export and import text, and an easy-to-use interface. Since no manual coding is required, our Design Specialists aren’t programmers—they’re eCOA design experts who develop a thorough understanding of your study’s needs.

  • Collaborate Easily

    Working with our Design Specialists is seamless, thanks to TrialStudio’s accessible drag-and-drop graphical interface. Simulate through the software to collect critical feedback from all of your team’s stakeholders. See your instruments early, direct changes rapidly and save valuable time.

  • Streamline Ethical Reviews & Feedback

    Generate complete screenshots in all languages for faster IRB / Ethics Committee submissions. Gather complete documentation of the study design via an automatically generated protocol report, empowering your team to give clear feedback and change requests during the design process.

  • Interact with Your Design

    The best way to craft an intuitive eCOA solution is to actually use it during the design phase. Navigate fully operational interfaces early on and simulate your way through the design to see exactly how your instrument reacts to every possible input.



Securing informed consent from clinical trial participants involves more than a signature—you need to ensure they truly understand what they’re signing.
A critical first step, consent has a major impact on regulatory compliance, enrollment rates and expenses across the life of your study.

Intuitive and interactive, TrialConsent promotes participant compliance and retention through better comprehension. The only solution offering eConsent and eCOA on a single integrated device, TrialConsent can be conveniently deployed via TrialMax Slate® or as a standalone web-based solution.

Comprehensive reporting enables study teams and ethics committees to monitor the consent status of sites and participants, track and analyze compliance and make smarter decisions.

  • Minimize Regulatory Risk

    Informed consent is among the most cited regulatory breaches, resulting in fines, delays, litigation and even trial failure. TrialConsent™ mitigates these risks with digital timestamps, version control, real-time remote monitoring and ongoing consent tracking, providing a clear audit trail. Participants can submit their signatures digitally or print and sign a paper version, making it easy to comply with your local regulations.

  • Enhance Understanding

    Improve recruitment and retention rates by verifying that participants truly comprehend consent information. The user-friendly TrialConsent™ platform promotes understanding with tiered information delivery, interactive assessments, rich media and support for further communication with study staff.

  • Reduce Costs

    Electronic consent delivers significant long-term cost savings over the life of your trial. By improving recruitment, reducing on-site consent monitoring activities and mitigating the risk of regulatory and litigation-related expenses, TrialConsent™ limits costs while protecting the integrity of your clinical trial from the start.

  • Streamline Development

    Save time by expediting consent development, approval, deployment and documentation with the proprietary TrialConsent™ design tool. The collaborative design process and user-friendly interface makes it easy for sponsors, sites, and IRBs/IECs to work together efficiently, ensuring patients receive standardized, up-to-date and accurate information.



Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOA) fit seamlessly into subjects’ real lives, guiding them through the study protocol, driving high compliance, and generating clean data. CRF Health’s integrated TrialMax® software platform is the ultimate eCOA solution for clinical trials from Phase I to Phase IV and beyond, with four modalities to suit your study’s particular needs.

  • Monitor Medications in Real-TIme with TrialMax ConMedTM

    Enable patients to easily and accurately record concomitant medications in real-time. While traditional EDC collection relies on patient recall between site visits, TrialMax ConMed intuitively captures intake with localized, study-specific medication lists and clear design. Site teams receive precise information via TrialManager for accurate concomitant medication data.

    Video: TrialMax ConMed

  • Integrate Systems & Transfer Data with TrialMax Synapse®

    Link TrialMax to your eClincial systems to improve oversight, enable real-time access to your data, and streamline data management. TrialMax Synapse provides real-time transactional level transfer of data into any eClinical system via the public output interface. If your system does not enable real-time transfer, we also support CDISC compliant, easily configured batch upload.

  • Mobile Health Technology Integrations

    CRF Health’s eCOA solutions support wireless integration with a variety of mobile health technologies, including medical devices such as spirometers and glucometers, activity monitors, barcode scanners, and emerging wearable technology. This integration avoids any transcription errors and creates a seamless and easy experience for the patient.



Monitor and manage your eCOA clinical trial data in real-time with TrialManager. CRF Health’s online portal makes it easy to instantly explore and review data collected from any TrialMax modality. Discover meaningful insights and drive smarter decisions with next-generation data visualization reporting tools.

  • Superior Visibility

    Track compliance and review data in near real-time, as TrialMax® devices frequently sync to our secure database. With TrialManager, you can easily export data on-demand with no waiting or extra costs. Our streamlined web-based data clarification process lightens the burden for your site team.

  • Proactive Patient Management

    React in real-time to potential medical alerts based on patient data. Encourage higher compliance by scheduling email and text message reminders to patients, or manually remind patients who have fallen behind.

  • Easy-to-Use Interface

    Your customizable dashboard displays the most meaningful data at a glance. Configure distinct roles and permissions for different team members, view pending tasks and review in-depth training videos and documentation at any time.

  • Powerful Visual Reporting Tools

    See your trial data in a new light with stunning visualizations that make it easy to find hidden patterns and gain invaluable insights. Explore data in real-time with dynamic graphs, monitor relevant metrics with role-based access, and uncover important trends with both built-in and custom-designed report templates.

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