By utilizing eCOA technology, Sponsors reap the benefits of more accurate data, higher compliance, reduced regulatory risk, and real-time reporting capabilities.

Sponsors that adopt CRF Health’s electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment (eCOA) technology solutions often praise its benefits: improved data quality, increased compliance, and real-time access to data. Yet getting Sponsors to adopt eCOA solutions poses challenges when the solutions aren’t well designed. Getting all stakeholders involved in the design, from the earliest stages, can boost the adoption of eCOA technology solutions.

Patient-Centric eCOA Technology Design

Sponsors and site staff need eCOA technology solutions that enable patients and clinicians to report data in a simple and intuitive manner. Guided by simplicity, CRF Health creates intuitive and scalable eCOA technology solutions. It all starts with CRF Health’s collaborative design process, powered by TrialStudio™. Study teams work together with CRF Health’s eCOA experts to create and deploy eCOA questionnaires quickly, and are able to make changes on the fly with ease, gaining peace of mind through transparency into the entire eCOA technology design process.CRF Health has an in-house eCOA UX (User Experience) Design team that continuously probes and tests to develop an understanding of real users – real patients, real study professionals, real clinicians – as a way to identify subtle design improvements that raise compliance, data quality, and user satisfaction. Design elements such as font sizes, colors, and images are tested and implemented to ensure the highest usability by various patient populations.

What eCOA Technology Solutions Offer

Once a patient-friendly solution has been developed, eCOA technology makes every aspect of clinical trial data collection more seamless and effective.

Improved Data Collection

Giving patients the ability to collect data using portable devices makes collection convenient and improves consistency and accuracy. Simple tools like reminder alarms help ensure the timeliness of data collection. Data also becomes more easily attributable to the right individuals, and legibility never interferes with data quality. Devices also offer unique login to ensure privacy and security.

eCOA Technology Features Not Available with Paper

eCOA technology solutions provide an array of features that are not available with paper-based methods including:
  • Accurate, high quality data that meets ALCOA Principles
  • Reminders, alerts, and motivational messages to keep subjects engaged and compliant
  • Integration into medical devices, such as glucometer, spirometer, or activity meter
  • Software logic and real-time edit checks to prevent incomplete and inconsistent data entries
  • Automated instrument scoring
  • Privacy and discretion for subjects via a secure login
  • Access to data in real-time – in order to spot issues or trends and react immediately

Monitor & Manage Your eCOA Clinical Trial Data in Real-Time with TrialManager™

TrialManager™ is CRF Health’s eCOA technology reporting tool that provides rich data visualization capabilities. Study teams can access their clinical trial data in real-time and driver smarter decisions by:
  • Spotting trends
  • Reviewing patient and site compliance rates
  • Tracking overall study progress
  • Flagging potential issues
CRF Health’s online portal makes it easy to instantly explore and review data collected from any TrialMax® eCOA modality.

About CRF Health

CRF Health creates electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment (eCOA) solutions that are simple, scalable, and effective. From our collaborative, agile design approach to our user-friendly reporting tools, we streamline complex processes and deliver reliable results for superior clinical trial outcomes. We improve patient engagement with intuitive design, support study teams with tailored scientific insights, and secure high-quality data with precision. Above all, we ease the path to approval.If you’ve been considering the switch from paper to eCOA technology, let CRF Health show you how easy eCOA can be. We’re with you every step of the way, from eCOA design to database lock. Contact us to get started or to schedule a customized demo.

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