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Save Money

Remote Patient Monitoring reduces preventable readmissions, shortens hospital stays and improves staff efficiencies. 

With CareMax™   you can adopt a holistic approach to managed care that provides better services while simultaneously reducing costs. 

Robust, Clinical-Grade Health Data
from a Consumer-Friendly Solution

Actionable Health Intelligence
 and Remote Patient Monitoring

For managing everything from acute care to chronic diseases, the CareMax™  solution from CRF Health is a complete home health monitoring platform, pre-configured and ready to wirelessly collect biometric data.

The power of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is in real-time data collection. Our online CareHub™  portal enables clinicians, analysts, and patients to review interactive diagnostic dashboards, access messaging, video consultation and survey functionalities from anywhere in the world. 

Not all RPM solutions are created equal. Backed by 16 years of clinical trial data collection experience, CareMax™   is FDA approved and quality audited to exceed the industry’s toughest regulatory standards. 

Save Money, Time and Lives with the Only RPM Platform Underpinned by Real-World Clinical Research Expertise

Remote Patient Monitoring Supports the
Shift to Value-Based Reimbursement

Clinical Grade Software, Devices, and Data


Trust the experts with over 16 years of clinical trial expertise! CRF Health's quality systems are fully audited* and our software boasts an impressive FDA 510k Class II approval along with 14 of our products - amongst the highest in the industry - to ensure that data collected by the CareMax™  platform is robust, accurate and complete

Increase Satisfaction

Increases access to care and gives patients the freedom and flexibility to actively participate in their own health. 

The CareMax™  platform is easy-to-use and improves patient engagement by providing online access to data collected. 

Improve Care

Supports high-quality care delivery via proactive in-home monitoring, continuous biometric data collection, and patient reminders. 

With CareMax™   clinicians can make proactive care plan adjustments and manage patients by exception. 

CareMax™ Does More





*ISO13485:2003 & CMDCAS, CE 93/42/EEC, MDD 98/79/EC

A Complete Kit for Wirelessly Capturing Comprehensive Biometric Data

The CareMax™  solution comes pre-configured and ready to run, right out of the case, and includes:

  • CareMax  Tablet 
  • Activity Tracker
  • Body Weight Scale
  • Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Thermometer
  • Pulse Oximeter 
  • Glucose Meter (Optional Diabetes Kit)
  • ECG (Optional Cardio Kit)
  • Spirometer (Optional Pulmonary Kit)
  • Inhaler (Optional Pulmonary Kit)
  • 2Net Cellular Hub









per month


Includes Activity Tracker, Weight Scale, Blood Pressure Monitor, Thermometer, Pulse Oximeter



One-time fee, per kit



per month


Base kit plus wireless ECG. 



per month


Base kit plus Wireless Glucose Meter, Test Strips, Solution and Lancets.


Now Accepting 



Base kit plus Spirometer and Inhaler Sensor (Dose and Rescue). 

* 24 month subscription required.


* Device photos for reference and may be subject to change.


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Real-Time Data for Individual Patients
or Entire Populations

Leverage robust interactive dashboards to predict outcome and cost risks - then prevent them

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Applications for Remote Patient Monitoring

Trusted by the World's Most Prominent
 Health Organizations

Chronic care management
(Cardiac [Congestive Heart Failure, CAD],
Diabetes, and Pulmonary patients [COPD, Asthma])

Post-event rehabilitation / Post-surgical

Memory care and falls

Diagnostic monitoring (ex: cardiac events)

Obesity and weight management

Nursing home, elderly care, disabled programs

Consumer-based self-care management

Readmission programs