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The success of your clinical trial depends on clean, accurate data. TrialMax®, CRF Health’s patient-centric electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment (eCOA) solution, fits into your subjects’ real lives for more reliable reporting.

Our easy-to-use eCOA solutions are highly scalable, customizable, and efficient. CRF Health empowers you to collect data seamlessly, promote higher compliance, and help bring vital treatments to market faster—improving the lives of patients across the world.

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Our Integrated eCOA Platform


Faster eCOA Development

A collaborative design process powered by TrialStudio® saves time and ensures precision.


Intuitive Data Collection

Available in four modalities, TrialMax fits seamlessly into subjects’ real lives, driving high compliance, and generating clean data.


Powerful Study Management

Monitor study data in real-time, schedule helpful reminders, and improve patient and site compliance with TrialManager®.

TrialMax eCOA Vs. Paper

  • Promote higher compliance and collect more complete data

  • Portable devices fit into patients’ lives for candid, real-time answers

  • Eliminate human error with digital data entry and wireless medical device integration

  • Monitor patient data in real-time and send helpful reminders

  • Expedite database close within days of LPLV

eCOA Experience
and Expertise

  • 800+ clinical trials
  • +15M monthly data points
  • 72k + sites
  • 70+ countries
  • 100+ languages

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